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Size set contain multiple pieces of same color and different sizes.
Color set contain multiple pieces of single size with different color.
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Mirror Work

Black Colored Mirror computer embroidered kurta

Black Colored Mirror computer embroidered kurta

$5.67  / Piece

Minimum Order: 1 Set
1 Set = 4pcs; 40,42,44,46
Rayon Straight Mirror Work Kurti

Rayon Straight Mirror Work Kurti

$7.24  / Piece

Minimum Order: 1 Set
1 Set = 4 Pieces Size: 40,42,44,46

A more apt statement has never been made in the history of womankind! The fad is what keeps women on the rails ; be it a toddler still in her diapers to an old lady who has been through everything in life. And when it comes to the women in their prime, words fail even the best of the logophiles, as their unconditional love for latest trends, knows no bounds (pun intended)!

Be it the ancient times or the present scenario, woman's fashion has always presented itself as an entirely unique wherewithal through which diversity and vivacity in woman's attire have blossomed over time in every nook and cranny of the world as opposed to the same old same old man’s attire. The early centuries in the whole world had different garbs for women that have individualised them. Historically, in India, female attire has evolved from simple loincloths that covered the body to such plethora of daily wears and party wears and ethnic wears based on rituals and festivities that the whole fashion seems to be revolutionised. The 17th and 18th century Britain and its colonies garbed women in exquisite gowns that be toned their beauty in addition to their delicacy and propriety. Later women in India moved to Sarees that till date prove to be the only attire that could accentuate their curves and true identity with such excellence that it is beguiling. And now the whole world has adopted the western attire with a great fervency that its transcendence has succeeded in ensnaring the hearts of the male and female population alike.

Ladies money is justifiably spent in filling their wardrobes with their true love: clothes. Moreover when there happens to be a sale, the whole market and shopping malls become chaotic with amok shopaholics. Attires in the form of kurtis, jeans, shirts, skirts, shorts, gowns, sarees and what not coupled with frabjous accessories, handbags, foot wears and again what not have changed the whole definition of female fashion trends. Whether it is an everyday task or a casual hanging out with friends or a formal occasion or a festival, women are always in high spirits looking their very best depending upon the festivity. Call it their eccentricity or their sobriety, women truly know who they are and how to present themselves to the society. Even society today has become far more flexible and is providing them with the respect due to them. Every sphere of life is acknowledging their mettle. From business meetings to family get-togethers, their wardrobe always comes to their rescue making them outshine the world and in turn providing them with happiness. As it is truly justified that a happy countenance is the cause of an efficacious ambience, women in their right state of attire can attain heights never imagined. Hence investment in their clothing not only benefits the brands or the small shops but also the society as a whole. This can prove to be extremely fruitful for the globalisation as it brings different parts of the world together and can to lead to harmony and peace in the long run.

Thus, the woman who is rightly called the epitome of love and affection is gradually turning into an epitome of fashion. It is true in every sense of the word that they like their money where they can see it hanging in their closet. And the day is not far when they will have the world by its tail not only in the field of corporate sector but also in the fast escalating arena of fashion.

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